Derry City Council - Tipping body with bin-lift

About this project...

“I have worked on numerous projects with Drumack Coachworks and found them to be thorough and professional in their approach.  Their standard of work and attention to detail is reflected in the repeat orders they receive from Derry City Council.  They know the standard of output we demand and are more than capable of supplying same. An excellent company with a strong Customer Focus at heart.”

Bertie Magee
Fleet Manager
Derry City Council

Derry City Council

Dimensions of Body:

Body Length:                                                                                               
3.2 metres

Specification of Body:
Body of mild steel construction with galvanised wire mesh.
Mild steel floor.
Double rear doors and sliding side door on body.
Underfloor tipping gear.
Del side loading bin lift.

Lighting included:

LED rear marker light clusters
Front and rear strobe lights           
Additional front driving lights.
Amber beacon bar

Standard fixtures included:

Door Retainers

Optional features on body:                 
Body painted metallic silver.
Cab-mounted 2.5Kg Fire Extinguisher.           
Cab mounted first-aid box.